PRIVEQ Capital Funds

Providing Tailor Made Equity Solutions

Founded in 1994, PRIVEQ Capital Funds ("PRIVEQ"), based in Toronto, Canada, manages several private equity portfolios with assets of $85 million.

We formed PRIVEQ to respond to the absence of value-added equity in the $3 million to $7 million range. Investing on an equity or quasi-equity basis, we provide "tailor made equity solutions" to profitable growing companies that require expansion, buy-out or buy-in capital. We also invest in profitable companies that are experiencing financial challenges. Since its inception, PRIVEQ has become a market leader for private equity in this space.

As an equity partner, we not only commit capital utilizing a highly expedited investment approach, but we also provide real value-added assistance post-investment to our portfolio companies. Our assistance and expertise further enhance a company's value to generate superior returns for all stakeholders.

PRIVEQ focuses on profitable and growing niche service, distribution and manufacturing companies in Canada and the United States, which are located within 5 hours of travel from Toronto, Canada.


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