PRIVEQ's Review Process

In order for PRIVEQ to respond promptly to your request for capital, we require your company's business plan, which should include:

Description of your company and industry:

  • What your company does, including an overview of operations;
  • Description of the industry, market size and growth opportunities;
  • What are your company's competitive advantages and barriers to entry;
  • Competitive analysis (including a description of direct and indirect competitors); and
  • Organizational chart and a background description of the key managers.

Financial data:

  • 5 years of historical financial statements;
  • Most recent year-to-date results; and
  • 5 years of forecasted projections, including all assumptions.


Financing proposal:
  • Sources and uses of capital.

Business plans are to be forwarded to the attention of:

Bradley W. Ashley - Managing Partner

At the following address:

PRIVEQ Capital Funds
1500 Don Mills Road, Suite 711
Toronto, Ontario
M3B 3K4

Tel: (416) 447-3330
Fax: (416) 447-3331


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